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 1st generation:

Born 1893

2nd generation:

Born 1910

 3rd generation:   

 Born 1930

4th generation:

Born 1957

Great-grandmother, born in India before turn of the 20th century where she apprenticed in the art of jewelry.  She then  migrated  to Trinidad & Tobago (a part of the Caribbean Islands).  

Grandfather, Did not become a goldsmith till later in his twenties, He had twelve children, Nine became goldsmiths.

Father, Sonny Rahim born in Trinidad & Tabago, He is the master expert of the whole Rahim family. His apprenticeship started when he was twelve.  He was also selected by the government of Trinidad to create jeweler for her royal highness Queen of England and her sister Princess Margaret as a wedding gift from the country,  He moved to Toronto, Canada in 1966

Camille Victor Rahim (CVR), born in Trinidad & Tobago, became apprentice under his father at fifteen years old, entered design competition and won a ward at twenty years old, Moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1982.

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